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One Center, Global Reach, Infinite Possibilities

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One Center, Global Reach, Infinite Possibilities

November 2017 | Gary, Executive Research Chef

Our focus on technology in the Culinary Innovation Center extends way beyond kitchen appliances. It’s actually collaboration that drives all the advancements happening here. We bring together the best culinary and food-science minds to create the best possible customer solutions and consumer experiences. And most importantly, we seamlessly connect these resources to customers.

Driven by our desire to deliver the ultimate customer experience, we placed particular emphasis on ensuring that full value that McCormick brings to solving their challenges could be realized whether they were working alongside us at the counter or collaborating virtually. From inside-out, the Culinary Innovation Center benefits from collaboration technologies to make sure that physical presence is not a prerequisite to great flavor creation. With a fully-integrated Tricaster® live broadcast and video conferencing system, performing demonstrations and consultations are possible even when time and travel hurdles arise. With cameras pre-positioned throughout the entire center, we can quickly move from the Demo Kitchen to the Culinary Mixology Bar and deliver results far greater than what would be capable of from meeting in a typical video conference room.

We live off our technology; bridging gaps between where we find inspiration and our ability to share with others is more important than ever. We accomplish this in the center through large monitors, connected to a secured Wi-Fi, thereby making it easy to stream or share content from your personal devices to the larger group.

The intent is to create a rich, sensory environment that allows for collaboration and communication with a bigger audience, even when on a global scale. We are building the future of flavor by expanding McCormick’s realm of influence while enabling global alignment, with this new center being the catalyst that will make this goal a reality.

In fact, we recently opened our Singapore Technology Innovation Center, replicating exactly the tools available to customers who visit our US headquarters. Creating tremendous value for the customer, the new center show process and techniques more vividly than ever before, and delivers flavor solutions that are authentic and easy to bring to market.

To learn more about connecting with culinary, contact your McCormick Account Manager or contact us here today.

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