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About Us

About Us

Helping You Provide the World with Flavor

Everything we do, we do for the love of food. This philosophy is as much the foundation of our business as it is yours. A passion for real food flavor lives at the heart of every project and partnership.

Our flavor solutions are based on key principles: consumer relevance, real food focused, and a commitment to quality. We partner with an unwavering focus on your end goal, creating flavorful products that consistently delight the eating experience.

Through our passion for problem solving, our culinary, scientific, and sensory teams have had the distinction of flavoring some of the most iconic restaurant and retail products.

Our passion for flavor inspires our customers to try bold flavor ideas, collaborate, and brainstorm, and have a fun time doing it. By combining culinary insight, know-how and a sense of adventure, we’re able to help our customers anticipate the future of flavor.