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Our Solutions:Spice Flavors

Spice Flavors

All of the flavor, none of the fuss

Need an alternative to ground spices and herbs, something that offers prolonged stability and concentrated flavor? We’ve got you covered with customizable FlavorSpice®.

Solutions in this category are all about problem solving with natural flavor. Eliminate unwanted particulates and increase raw-material shelf life with this versatile suite of natural flavor solutions. Having these challenges behind you allows you to do your most important job: deliver an amazing eating experience to consumers.

Spice flavors help your products come alive:


These spice flavors are spray-dried liquid flavor components with carriers such as starch, maltodextrin and gum arabic. SPICE-CAP® solutions offer flavor protection, water solubility, uniformity and a long shelf-life. SPICE-CAP® are best used for:

COS® (Cream of Spice)

These dry soluble replacements for spices consist of essential oils and oleoresins dispersed by coating or plating onto a dry, water-soluble, edible carrier like dextrose or salt. Benefits include:


RES-OLEUM® products are concentrated liquids, spice essential oils and oleoresins standardized by the addition of vegetable oil. One part RES-OLEUM® replaces from ten to twenty parts of the spice counterpart. Benefits include:


SOLU-FLOW®liquid spice flavors are manufactured from oleoresins and essential oils, and contain food grade emulsifiers for solubility in both water and oil. Although typically single strength compared to their spice counterparts, SOLU-FLOW® spice flavors are also available in multi-fold strengths.