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Trends & Resources

Trends & Resources

Think of your top five places to eat, or your favorite food or beverage items in the grocery store. Chances are, we’re the secret ingredient behind one or more of those flavors.

If you’re curious about the thought process and techniques behind these brand solutions, read our Flavor Feed blog. You’ll gain perspective and exclusive content from our brightest minds, including chefs, flavor and seasoning developers, culinary nutritionists, market researchers and more:

• Postcards from the bench

Learn what our scientists are loving as the current on-trend flavor for a variety of applications, and see what creative juices lead to flavor innovation.

• Chef notes

Want to know what our chefs like to eat and drink, their go-to ingredients, and secret techniques and tips for the trade? Our chefs are ready to spill the beans.

• Inspired tastes

So many trends, so little time. Let us serve up an entrée of insight that are sure to inspire your next project.

The McCormick Flavor Forecast®

The Flavor Forecast® continues to be a sought-after predictor of future flavor trends, and essential reading for anyone in the food business. Shared with industry professionals to inspire pipeline development, Flavor Forecast® has earned the reputation as a flavor trend authority, being presented at industry events including chef and trend conferences. It accurately predicts future trends and acts as an indicator for future flavor innovation.

Visit the Flavor Forecast®

Leverage our heritage and grasp on global

Want to know our flavor philosophy and how it extends our global reach? See how we’ve infused flavor into global conversations, and how it all stemmed from our humble beginnings.

While the scope of our operations has changed, one thing hasn’t: our commitment to quality and innovation.

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