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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Postcards from the Bench

The Nuances of a Not-So-Simple Flavor

February 2019 | Gerardo, Senior Sensory Scientist

In the age of individualization, consumers have an increasing desire for specific flavors that fit their palate. These preferences can be impacted by age, ethnicity, eating experiences and more. Take cinnamon – a highly popular and......


Inspired Tastes

In Love With Floral Flavors

February 2019 | Natalie, Associate Insights & Content Manager

Floral profiles are having their moment in the sun as they move beyond beauty & personal care products and into foods & drinks. In 2017, GlobalData identified ‘Flower Power’ as an emerging trend and recent product launches in......

Flavor Forecast 2019: The Need for Seed

Chef's Notes

Flavor Forecast 2019: The Need for Seed

February 2019 | McCormick Culinary Team



Postcards from the Bench

Created from Cooking

January 2019 | Lisa, Flavor Chemist

Although its common knowledge that consumers crave more experiential flavors, determining these flavors and profiles is a little harder to pin down. How can product developers meet the “foodie culture” flavor expectations permeated......


Chef's Notes

Tropical Asian: Rendang Curry & Coconut

January 2019 | Rachel, Research Chef

As consumers demand more unique Asian profiles, product developers should turn their attention to the distinct ingredients of tropical Southeast Asia. The vibrant cuisine and rich flavors of Malaysia draw attention from adventurous palates seeking......


Inspired Tastes

Wellness Defined by Generation

January 2019 | Danica, Customer Marketing Manager

As we kick off a new year, diet and exercise resolutions often come to mind. According to Innova, 78% of US consumers have made lifestyle changes to improve their health and well-being. Even though consumers from all generations are making changes......

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