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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Chef's Notes

Vegan Mexican: Chef’s Perspective

May 2019 | Andreas, Senior Research Chef, Culinary Nutrition



Postcards from the Bench

A Modern Take on Traditional Aperitifs

May 2019 | Anna, Beverage Application Technician

Consumers’ perpetual quest for new, exotic flavors combined with the demand for low-to-no alcohol has resulted in a renewed excitement within the beverage category. And while botanical bitters aren’t anything new (think Aperol and......


Inspired Tastes

The Funky Flavors of Fermentation

May 2019 | Natalie, Associate Insights & Content Manager

Whether they know it or not, consumers have most likely tried fermented food and drink products like beer, wine, chocolate, sauerkraut and kimchi, just to name a few. Fermentation is an age-old process of chemical breakdowns in food to make it......


Chef's Notes

Flavor Forecast 2019: Vegan Mexican

April 2019 | McCormick Culinary Team



Inspired Tastes

Eat With Your Eyes

April 2019 | Natalie, Associate Insights & Content Manager

With the rise of social media (324 Million posts with #Food on Instagram) and the popularity of experiential eating, consumers today are making their food choices based on visual appeal and “Wow” factor. These self-proclaimed......


Postcards from the Bench

The Bold Flavors of Jalapeno Lime

April 2019 | Terra, Product Development Scientist

Hot and spicy food and drinks are, well, hot!  And when my customers crave heat, I want to be sure to deliver on bold and complex flavor as well. Having grown up in Southern California, I often look to the mouth-watering cuisine of Mexico for......

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