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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Postcards from the Bench

Sweet Heat? Consider Honey Wasabi

May 2022 | Elaine, Principal Scientist

When it comes to heat, there’s a lot of buzz around the compound capsaicin, responsible for the heat in chilies and many spicy products enjoyed at home and in restaurants. When I was asked to think about creating flavorful heat from a source......


Chef's Notes

Umami Plus Sweet with Miso Caramel


Skip the full-on sugar rush. Everything we once thought about what it means to be sweet is off the table. Sweetness is being balanced with unexpected flavors—even umami. Japanese for “deliciousness,” umami is a deeply savory......


Inspired Tastes

Elevated BBQ

May 2022 | Marketing & Insights

Whether it’s for snacks, sauces or protein, BBQ continues to be one of the most popular flavors in Western countries and is also surging in popularity worldwide with diversity in flavor and technique. As a result, brands are getting creative......

Introducing the McCormick Flavor Forecast 22nd Edition

Chef's Notes

Introducing the McCormick Flavor Forecast 22nd Edition


Say hello to the 22nd year of flavor forecasting. After all this time, there’s still no shortage of trends that continue to be uncovered, shaking up the way we cook, flavor, and eat. The Flavor Forecast 22nd Edition showcases the nuance,......


Postcards from the Bench

An Eye on the Thai Bird’s Eye Chile

April 2022 | Brian, Associate Scientist- PD

A fully red and ripened Thai bird chile delivers a sharp, snappy, biting heat that’s popular in Thai cuisine. When I think of this chile, Thai dipping sauce comes to mind, where the heat lends itself to the characteristic balance of savory,......


Inspired Tastes

P.I.Y—Pour It Yourself

April 2022 | Marketing & Insights

When Covid-19 hit the restaurant and bar sector, thousands of venues across the country were forced to close immediately and without warning. It was a devastating blow that will have lasting impacts. In turn, consumers started to experiment and......

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