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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Chef's Notes

Flavor Forecast 2019: Mexican Desserts

June 2019 | McCormick Culinary Team



Inspired Tastes

Beverage Innovator Snapshot: Jake

June 2019 | Theresa, Insights & Content Manager

We’re constantly in pursuit of identifying what’s next in drink innovation to share actionable insights and opportunities with our beverage customers. Our passion for flavor drives us to engage with innovators and experience how they......


Postcards from the Bench

From the Streets of Sichuan

June 2019 | Oscar, Associate Research Chef

As a perpetual flavor-seeking research chef, I often look for culinary inspiration from my travels. My favorite experience so far was eating my way through the Sichuan (aka Szechuan) region of China. Although I was somewhat familiar with Chinese......


Chef's Notes

Vegan Mexican: Chef’s Perspective

May 2019 | Andreas, Senior Research Chef, Culinary Nutrition



Inspired Tastes

The Funky Flavors of Fermentation

May 2019 | Natalie, Associate Insights & Content Manager

Whether they know it or not, consumers have most likely tried fermented food and drink products like beer, wine, chocolate, sauerkraut and kimchi, just to name a few. Fermentation is an age-old process of chemical breakdowns in food to make it......


Postcards from the Bench

A Modern Take on Traditional Aperitifs

May 2019 | Anna, Beverage Application Technician

Consumers’ perpetual quest for new, exotic flavors combined with the demand for low-to-no alcohol has resulted in a renewed excitement within the beverage category. And while botanical bitters aren’t anything new (think Aperol and......

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