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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Inspired Tastes

Taste Through Texture

March 2020 | Brian, Marketing Manager

From crunchy to airy, fizzy, bubbling and carbonated, lots of interesting new textures are taking center stage in the world of food and drink. This provides ample opportunity to reinvigorate traditional foods with new forms or create entirely new......


Postcards from the Bench

Vegan Creamy Caesar Dressing Flavor

March 2020 | Marissa, Applications Scientist

Has the whole world gone vegan? Not quite. But more and more consumers are cutting meat and dairy from their diets. The one thing they’re not giving up, however, is flavor. Enter a perfect solution: a Caesar dressing profile created with......


Chef's Notes

Flavor Forecast: XO Sauce

February 2020 | McCormick Culinary Team



Inspired Tastes

Edible Beauty

February 2020 | Natalie, Marketing Manager

The push for health and wellness has led to the ultimate partnership: food and beauty. More food items are being developed for functional, cosmetic purposes; at the same time, traditional food ingredients are finding their way into new beauty care......


Postcards from the Bench

Stroop there it is!

February 2020 | Annelieke, Principal Scientist

Stroopwafel, literally “syrup waffle,” is an iconic Dutch treat that you only have to taste once to fall in love with it. The cookie is made by pressing a waffle from a dense, flavorful dough on a hot iron, quickly slicing it in half,......


Inspired Tastes

Oceans of Opportunity

January 2020 | Brian, Marketing Manager

As people search for healthier, more environmentally sustainable foods, it's no surprise that seaweed has emerged as a frontrunner. It's long been a staple of certain Asian cuisines, with a distinctive flavor and dozens of vitamins and nutrients.......

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