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Toffee: A Nostalgic Escape

October 2023 | Sandra, Scientist

In a rational rebellion against the “always-on” mindset of modern life, food lovers are making the conscious choice to stop and enjoy the moment. This unapologetic personal escape from everyday demands is a necessary break, a chance to savor every detail of the eating experience. Diving headfirst into sumptuous flavors, we are staking our claim to the pleasures we crave and the satisfaction we deserve until, finally, all seems right with the world.

With that in mind, I set out to create a decadent treat that would honor the familiar experience of an iconic, nostalgic flavor, but with an exciting twist. I landed on Salted Carmel Toffee Couch Potato Cookies, starring toffee, the often-overlooked cousin to caramel. Toffee is made with caramelized sugar and delivers a sweet buttery taste to everything from coffee to confections, ice cream, frozen drinks, and more.

Using our Natural Toffee Caramel Type Flavor, I was able to develop a cookie with an amazing taste experience – salty (potato chip and pretzel pieces), and sweet (our buttery toffee profile). Irresistibly comforting, the feeling of escapism present in every bite of this cookie is what truly makes it stand out among the chocolate chip cookies of the world. Best of all, this toffee caramel flavor has legs beyond this cookie, in applications like baked goods, oatmeal, confections, bars, popcorn, nut butters, and beverages.

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