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Sweet Profiles for Fall & Winter

November 2018 | Natalie, Associate Insights & Content Manager

Seasonal products are hotter than ever, and research shows the flavor frenzy reaches its apex during the fall and holiday seasons. According to Mintel, thirty-nine percent of all consumers look forward to purchasing limited-edition, seasonally inspired items. Focusing on the 18-34 demographic, that number jumps to nearly fifty percent. Clearly this is more than a trend—this is quickly becoming a beloved tradition for the next generation of shoppers.

November through March is the peak time for seasonal releases. During this time consumers are often flooded with feelings of nostalgia, and the cold months drive them to seek comforting foods that connect them to childhood memories, or transport them into fantasies of a winter wonderland. Take a look at these emerging seasonal flavors for a spark of inspiration:



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Consumers spend all year eagerly anticipating limited-edition fall and winter flavors, and McCormick Flavor Solutions is here to help you deliver. Contact us today and let us help you create your next seasonal-inspired profile.