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Every Layer of Reuben Flavor

December 2019 | Rob, Applications Scientist

All you have to do is hear the word “Reuben” and you can already begin to taste each individual layer of the sandwich: rye bread, corned beef, right down to the sauerkraut. Well, I’m here to tell you that we’ve developed an incredible profile that captures all these layers as distinctly as they exist in your memory, right down to the way the beef is prepared. We’re talking about an authentic, ‘created from cooking’ corned beef reaction flavor brought to life with notes of brined, cured beef brisket. We’re talking about that distinctive sour sauerkraut flavor. The resulting taste experience conjures a creamy corned beef Reuben sandwich with a tantalizing hint of rye bread with caraway seed.

So how do I use these unbelievably flavors, you ask? Well, if you love Reubens the way I do, the answer is pretty much everywhere. But I started the exploration by creating a simple Corned Beef Sandwich Dip. I just combined these robust flavors with a creamy base and out came a dip that brought to life the full Reuben experience.

As I kept exploring, I found that they also work well in things like snack mix seasonings, crackers and chips. Consumers are big on meal-inspired flavor profiles and my mouth is watering just thinking about biting into a Reuben ‘anything’ right now!

Ready to bring a corned beef Reuben flavor profile to your next innovation, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.