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Stroop there it is!

February 2020 | Annelieke, Principal Scientist

Stroopwafel, literally “syrup waffle,” is an iconic Dutch treat that you only have to taste once to fall in love with it. The cookie is made by pressing a waffle from a dense, flavorful dough on a hot iron, quickly slicing it in half, and pressing a sweet caramel syrup between the halves. As a student in the Netherlands, I always enjoyed going to the Saturday market and buying a big, warm, freshly made stroopwafel—they even sold bags of scraps from cutting the cookie in even circles (cheap and delicious cookie leftovers: Yum!). My favorite way to enjoy a stroopwafel is to set it on top of a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to let the steam start to melt the caramel syrup, resulting in a chewy, gooey and delightful cookie.

More and more consumers are developing a taste for delicious stroopwafels. We have seen the cookie moving from specialty stores into the mainstream, popping up on dessert menus, as flavors of alcoholic beverages, and even in sports nutrition as a fortified energy booster. As consumers get more familiar with stroopwafels, we expect to find it in more applications like ice cream, snack mixes, bars, cookies, and even paired with savory items like bacon.

To help the world get there, we set to work developing an authentic stroopwafel flavor. Since I’m originally from the Netherlands and visit my family in Europe when possible, I brought back various brands of stroopwafel cookies to our flavor lab, giving our flavorists authentic gold standards to use as a target. We developed various stroopwafel flavors for all kinds of applications. Our natural type water soluble stroopwafel flavors taste lovely in sweetened plant alternative milks or in a sauce layer under a flavorful yogurt. Also, imagine a stroopwafel ice cream or vanilla ice cream with stroopwafel variegate! For nutritional powdered drinks, stroopwafel has potential to become the next cookie & cream or birthday cake. In bakery application we’ve created flavors to use for fillings, bars and cookies, both as liquid and as spray dried options—the possibilities are endless!

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