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Exploring Timut Pepper

March 2021 | Hedy, Principal Flavorist

A simple visit to ethnic grocery stores locally and abroad invites exciting discovery down every aisle. From unique beverages to candy and snacks, this exploration helps a flavorist like me understand the preferences of a community and culture. Buying fruits or produce I’m unfamiliar with, like mangosteens in Bali or rambutans in Jamaica, I’m often inspired to create similar flavors back home as authentically as possible.

Another source of inspiration for me is the annual McCormick Flavor Forecast®. After hiding in plain sight for so many years, pepper (one of the most common spice staples) has made it to the spotlight thanks to its intensely pungent flavor that pairs well with applications from sweet to savory. (Pepper contains piperine, a non-volatile, crystalline compound responsible for the bite or pungent note of the total flavor.)

Inspired by this trend, I set out to create a timut pepper flavor that would capture the bright grapefruit aroma and taste of this ingredient hailing from Nepal. With its tongue-tingling finish and consistently bright heat, this unique flavor is the ultimate partner for beverages, snacks, rice and noodle dishes, Indo-Chinese creations and so much more.

The results of my timut pepper exploration couldn’t have been sweeter … peppery, too! Think vanilla ice cream served with a dulce de leche & timut pepper variegate - the perfect balance of heat and cool. Or a raspberry gose sour beer with a touch of timut pepper – a most welcomingly crisp and pungent liquid refreshment. The list of unexpected applications truly goes on and on.

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