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Boosting Beverages

April 2021 | Marketing & Insights

There’s a huge demand for foods and drinks that taste good and make consumers feel good, whether that’s through natural plant-based ingredients or brain-boosting nootropics.

Beverages will be a prime place for mood, immunity, and cognition-boosting ingredients far beyond the classic cup of coffee. Adaptogens, nootropics, and more have been making their way into drinks to provide a wide variety of benefits. Commonly coupled with these powerhouse ingredients are flavors such as hibiscus, elderflower, orange blossom, and other fruity or botanical tastes. These flavors and add-ins blend particularly well with teas, waters, and kombucha.

Why This Trend Will Stick


Sleep, stress, and inflammation are top-of-mind concerns for consumers, who are also drawn to the exotic ingredients and flavor profiles of today's functional products.

— New Hope


According to Taste Wise: “People want more from their food; everything from gut health to anxiety treatment and stress relief are on the table. 50% of all conversations about food today mention the functional benefits of ingredients or dishes.”

— Tastewise

Energy-Boosting Blends

Many consumers rely on coffee as their morning pick-me-up, using its caffeine for the energy they need to get through the day. But caffeine is far from the only energy-boosting ingredient on the market. As consumers look for healthier alternatives to their morning latte, they’re increasingly open to caffeine alternatives such as Four Sigmatic’s Focus Blend. In lieu of caffeine, mushrooms, adaptogens, superfoods and more give this drink its strength, with a light, earthy flavor. It can be added to smoothies, tea, and even a cup of decaf coffee, allowing consumers to get the same flavors without leaning on caffeine.

If caffeine is a must-have, then there’s another functional brain-boosting blend from BRÈINFÚEL that fits the bill. Their drinks provide support for the body and mind by augmenting natural caffeine with functional add-ins such as antioxidants and l-theanine. These supercharged drinks come in Thrive Ice, Victory Bliss, Alpha Punch, and Limitless Berry flavors.

Healthy Skin, Hair, & Nails

Collagen’s health benefits have been well-touted over the years, from encouraging healthy hair growth to reducing wrinkles and skin dryness. To take advantage of this popular supplement, Luster and Lum released a Sparkling Collagen Water, which boasts 10g of protein in addition to collagen for healthy skin, hair, and nails. This drink comes in three simple flavors: raspberry, cherry, and lemon.


  • Citrus flavors are popular in this space. Look to citruses such as orange, lemon, and lime to round out a flavor profile and cancel out the aftertaste of other functional flavors (i.e. mushrooms, adaptogens).
  • Flavors such as hibiscus, elderflower, orange blossom, and other botanical flavors hint at a lower sugar offering and elevate the status of functional beverages. 
  • Healthy options extend far beyond the classic superfoods. Adding adaptogens, nootropics and other boosters can also provide the healthy edge consumers are looking for.

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