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Umami Plus Sweet with Miso Caramel


Skip the full-on sugar rush. Everything we once thought about what it means to be sweet is off the table. Sweetness is being balanced with unexpected flavors—even umami. Japanese for “deliciousness,” umami is a deeply savory taste found in foods like meats, tomatoes, mushrooms, and miso. To deliver a truly unique taste experience, blend sweet caramel with the umami taste of miso.


The Taste:

Miso, a traditional Japanese fermented paste is salty, earthy, and of course loaded with umami flavor. Combining miso with caramel creates a layered, satisfying profile that adds complexity to sweet and savory applications alike.


Experience it:

An evolution of salted caramel, miso caramel is making an appearance on menus, in retail, and recipes globally. Examples include:

  • UK retailer Waitrose launched a salted miso caramel brownie in October 2021.
  • Oklahoma burger joint Punk Burger offers a milkshake made with vanilla bean ice cream and miso caramel.
  • Ravneet Gill’s Caramel & Chocolate Tart includes a salty miso caramel and is featured as a Great British Bake-Off recipe.
  • Victor's Fine Dining, a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Germany offers "grilled white asparagus with sumac, miso caramel, and hollandaise."


Apply it:

  • A miso caramel marinade or glaze adds sweet richness to proteins such as pork skewers.
  • Enhance traditional desserts like vanilla ice cream, brownies, and sugar confectionary.
  • Add a pop of umami to café favorites like a miso caramel latte.

Try our miso caramel and miso caramel pork skewer recipes. 

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