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Now Serving: Breakfast Nostalgia

July 2023 | Mila, Senior Scientist

Whether you’re a breakfast superfan or you prefer to skip ahead to lunch, there’s no arguing that nostalgia continues to be a popular source of inspiration for the first meal of the day and beyond. Breakfast flavors are especially nostalgic and comforting … lazy Saturday mornings enjoying homemade pancakes, anyone?

Feeling excited about the nostalgia that continues to grow around breakfast – from pancakes to cinnamon buns, bacon, and other rich indulgences, combined with the twists on traditional breakfast we’re seeing from food trucks and ghost kitchens, I set out to create an exciting innovation in this arena. Enter the classic, comforting, nostalgia-evoking flavor of the blueberry pancake – made for a granola bar!

To bring this flavor concept to life, I began with a Natural Pancake Flavor, using the sweet brown notes to mask any notes of grain from the granola bar oats. Then, with TrueTaste® Blueberry Flavor, Natural WONF, I was able to deliver a true-to-fruit profile thanks to the subtle heat process that preserves flavor volatiles (TrueTaste® technology). The result? An on-the-go granola bar that tastes like the familiar flavor of a sweet, fluffy, fresh-off-the-griddle pancake studded with plump blueberries – the perfect pick-me-up for breakfast and beyond.

Answer the consumer call for breakfast flavor any time of day with this exciting blueberry pancake profile! It can be applied to cereal, oatmeal, donuts, cakes, ice creams, nutritional bars, and beverages. 

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