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The Perfect Blend of Flavor and Heat®

August 2019 | Angela, Senior Scientist, Product Development

As more consumers are looking for heat in new and unexpected ways, it only makes sense to turn something as beloved as Frank’s into a dry flavor ingredient. With Frank’s RedHot® as the foundational flavor, you can take heat in any direction, from classic buffalo to more ethnic flavors, by incorporating various ingredients, flavors and technologies.

To develop a Buffalo Seasoning worthy of the Frank’s RedHot® name, I included butter and vinegar flavors along with the hot sauce flavor to build notes of cayenne. Just like the original Frank’s RedHot® hot sauce, this seasoning delivers cayenne pepper, heat and vinegar followed by a buttery, savory finish.

To push the boundaries a little further, I brought in ethnic flavors to create a Spicy Szechuan Seasoning, delivering a profile that continues to grow in popularity. The taste: cayenne upfront followed by wok, ginger, garlic and soy, finishing with the tingling sensation of Szechuan peppercorn.


Complex, layered seasonings turn familiar condiment profiles into a taste experiences for snacks and savory bars to sauces and meals. Formulating for cleaner labels?  Without artificial flavors, colors or MSG, these seasoning blends can help you meet your labeling requirements.

To enhance your next innovation with Frank’s RedHot® Dry Flavor,  contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.