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Kid-Friendly Flavors

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Kid-Friendly Flavors

September 2018 | Theresa, Insights & Content Manager

Millenials are well-known for seeking out adventurous experiences. Many are just now setting off on their biggest adventure yet: parenthood. According to Technomic, forty percent of millenials have already started families, and it’s estimated that number will double over the next eight years. This generation has redefined the way we think about eating experiences, with palates that favor exotic tastes and authentic experiences. When it comes to feeding their children, millennial parents allow their kids to have some degree of input when grocery shopping or dining out, but ultimately they are purchasing foods that meet their approval, plus appeal to their children. They’re still seeking out foods that are healthy, sustainable, globally influenced and packed with exciting flavor—they’re just adding “family-friendly” to the list.

Here are some ideas for updating those tried-and-true, kid-friendly classics for the next generation of foodies.

Creamy, Cheesy Flavors

Inspired by Lunch

Breakfast Anytime

Sweet & Sour

For more information on how to delight future foodies and their families, contact your McCormick Flavor Solutions account representative or contact us today.