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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Inspired Tastes

Condiments & Sauces: New Ways into Classics

September 2020 | Theresa, Content Manager

Classic condiments get modern-day upgrades thanks to new ingredients, hybrid combinations and brands investing in proprietary signature sauces leaning heavily into smoky, spicy and tangy flavor varieties.     Why This Trend Will......


Inspired Tastes

Flavor Forward Nutrition

August 2020 | Theresa, Content Manager

Brands are branching out and exploring new flavor territories within nutrition products that deliver on novel taste experiences, from veggie-centric beets and carrots and tart fruit-based boosters, to ooey-gooey and chocolaty desserts. Why This......


Inspired Tastes

Alternative Proteins in Nutrition

July 2020 | Theresa, Marketing Manager

Whether it’s whey protein, brown rice protein, plant protein or insects, the experimentation with new forms of protein spans the flavor gamut, from warm spice and fresh citrus to tropical fruits and savory herbs. Challenges can include the......


Inspired Tastes

Heat + Flavor

June 2020 | Natalie, Marketing Manager

With hot sauces and spicier flavors becoming more common, we’re seeing an influx of spices, lesser-common peppers and vinegars from around the world used to add flavor to foods. The interest in heat—even mouth burning......


Inspired Tastes

For the Fun of Food

May 2020 | Brian, Marketing Manager

As magazines, TV and social media expose consumers to exciting new foods, more consumers are making room for the small luxury of indulging in them. While health and wellness is still important, consumers are seeking out decadent flavor experiences......

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