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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Inspired Tastes

Alternative Proteins in Nutrition

July 2020 | Theresa, Marketing Manager

Whether it’s whey protein, brown rice protein, plant protein or insects, the experimentation with new forms of protein spans the flavor gamut, from warm spice and fresh citrus to tropical fruits and savory herbs. Challenges can include the......


Inspired Tastes

Heat + Flavor

June 2020 | Natalie, Marketing Manager

With hot sauces and spicier flavors becoming more common, we’re seeing an influx of spices, lesser-common peppers and vinegars from around the world used to add flavor to foods. The interest in heat—even mouth burning......


Inspired Tastes

For the Fun of Food

May 2020 | Brian, Marketing Manager

As magazines, TV and social media expose consumers to exciting new foods, more consumers are making room for the small luxury of indulging in them. While health and wellness is still important, consumers are seeking out decadent flavor experiences......


Inspired Tastes

Global Goes Regional

April 2020 | Theresa, Marketing Manager

As worldwide travel and social media connect Americans to new places, consumers are seeking out the cuisines and flavors of lesser-known regions. Regionally authentic spice blends such as India’s garam masala, Egypt’s nutty and earthy......


Inspired Tastes

Taste Through Texture

March 2020 | Brian, Marketing Manager

From crunchy to airy, fizzy, bubbling and carbonated, lots of interesting new textures are taking center stage in the world of food and drink. This provides ample opportunity to reinvigorate traditional foods with new forms or create entirely new......


Inspired Tastes

Edible Beauty

February 2020 | Natalie, Marketing Manager

The push for health and wellness has led to the ultimate partnership: food and beauty. More food items are being developed for functional, cosmetic purposes; at the same time, traditional food ingredients are finding their way into new beauty care......

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