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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Postcards from the Bench

Snackable Flavor with Caribbean Jerk Seasoning

July 2020 | Noelle, Product Development

The mouthwatering flavor of Caribbean jerk seasoning has a way of inviting all to enjoy its island-inspired vibes, including myself. Having been partial to Mexican cuisine and heat in the past (I love Mexican cuisine!) I was surprised how quickly......


Postcards from the Bench

Creating Authentic Mexican Elote Seasoning

June 2020 | Erick, Sr. Food Technologist, Mexico

Whether served from food stalls, truck beds or underneath umbrellas, Mexico’s famous elotes – ears of white corn boiled in chicken broth, salt and epazote – are a divine treat when it comes to the plethora of culinary creations......


Postcards from the Bench

Tex-Mex Salsa with a Sizzle

May 2020 | Rob, Applications Scientist

Tex-Mex is so diverse and vibrant that it’s nearly impossible to capture the experience into a single flavor. Notice I said ‘nearly’ but because here at McCormick Flavor Solutions, the impossible is what we do. We dug deep to......


Postcards from the Bench

Turkey Broth – Beyond The Baste!

April 2020 | Ron, Principal Research Chef

Evoking feelings of nostalgia and comfort is often best done with dishes, ingredients and flavors tied to the seasons. The aroma and taste of a seasonal dish can connect consumers to fond memories of a holiday or special moment. These offerings......


Postcards from the Bench

Vegan Creamy Caesar Dressing Flavor

March 2020 | Marissa, Applications Scientist

Has the whole world gone vegan? Not quite. But more and more consumers are cutting meat and dairy from their diets. The one thing they’re not giving up, however, is flavor. Enter a perfect solution: a Caesar dressing profile created with......


Postcards from the Bench

Stroop there it is!

February 2020 | Annelieke, Principal Scientist

Stroopwafel, literally “syrup waffle,” is an iconic Dutch treat that you only have to taste once to fall in love with it. The cookie is made by pressing a waffle from a dense, flavorful dough on a hot iron, quickly slicing it in half,......

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