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Flavor Feed

Flavor Feed

Postcards from the Bench

Flavorist Collaboration

December 2018 | Sam, Principal Flavor Chemist

Chemists, or to be more precise flavorists, from the McCormick Technical Innovation Center (TIC) in Maryland and Giotti in Italy discussed how they share expertise across continents and are learning to work better together in a new exchange......


Inspired Tastes

Our Top Flavor Experiences Of 2018

December 2018 | McCormick Flavor Solutions Insights Team

As we wrap up 2018, our Insights team reflects on some of this year’s most interesting taste experiences. We are fortunate that our research often includes trying new and diverse food, drinks, and of course, flavors. Each team member shared......


Chef's Notes

Chefs Flavor Picks From 2018

December 2018 | McCormick Flavor Solutions Culinary Team

This year our team of research chefs showcased their passion for flavor by creating on-trend dishes, drinks and flavor profiles in a series of videos. Touching on a variety of topics from plant-based protein to bacon everything, the range of......

The Kid-Friendly Conundrum: Solving for “Good” and “Good For Them” Foods

Postcards from the Bench

The Kid-Friendly Conundrum: Solving for “Good” and “Good For Them” Foods

November 2018 | Monica, Product Development Scientist

As a product development scientist, I help our clients tackle product development hurdles. A challenge we have tackled many times is developing kid-friendly products that meet the demands of today’s parents. Having recently become a parent, I have......


Inspired Tastes

Sweet Profiles for Fall & Winter

November 2018 | Natalie, Associate Insights & Content Manager

Seasonal products are hotter than ever, and research shows the flavor frenzy reaches its apex during the fall and holiday seasons. According to Mintel, thirty-nine percent of all consumers look forward to purchasing limited-edition, seasonally......


Chef's Notes

Ultimate Taste, Ultimately Memorable

November 2018 | Len, Senior Research Chef

Flavor has a unique way of whisking us away to a joyful moment from our past. We believe in the power of flavor and its role in striking up nostalgia to deliver the ultimate taste experience. Go back in time with Chef Len to find nostalgic twists......

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