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Time to stir things up

You may not find an in-house culinary mixologist in every flavor company, but you’ll find one here. Tap into our artistic vision to push boundaries and create your new classics. Our technical prowess replicates handcrafted flavor profiles for your consumer target. Whether your consumer is ready to taste bold, daring inventions or reinventions of familiar favorites, McCormick is the best mixologist to make it happen.

Cheers to great flavor

From a classic cocktail to the latest mixology craze, McCormick helps you raise the bar on delivering the ultimate experience in the alcoholic beverage category.

  • Replicating innovative, house-made cocktails for ready-to-drink delivery
  • Blending the traditional bartending craft and current mixology trends
  • Responsive sampling program, including non-ethanol TTB-approved varieties
A legacy you want to sip on

A legacy you want to sip on

Among our very first products, McCormick sold root beer extract and tea. We continue this tradition today by developing tasty, thirst-quenching flavor solutions for both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage categories. From morning to midnight, we are experts in creating occasion-specific, beverage flavor solutions.

Flavor modulation

With less sugar, your consumers’ favorite beverage might make their mouths pucker. FlavorFull™, McCormick’s proprietary flavor modulation technology enhances the sweetness profile of lower-sugar formulations, and can also help mask the undesirable aftertaste from alternative sweeteners when sugar is removed. Whether you are lowering sugar or reducing fat, every sip should be smooth, so let’s make the most our proprietary flavor enhancers.

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Flavor Cell®

Our proprietary Flavor Cell® technology enables you to offer rapidly dissolving dry mixes for consumer ease of use with the added benefit of helping to protect your flavor profile from oxidation, shelf stability or caking issues. We also help you add nuanced taste profiles to your dry-mix beverages, such as fresh citrus blends. McCormick goes the extra mile to help you create the perfect sip for your consumers.

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