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Cereal & Bars

Step away from the sugar

For cereal and bars, the boundaries that confined taste exploration have been erased. What was once a one-or-two note flavor song has morphed into layered flavor medleys led by an ensemble of sweet and savory taste trends. Through our sophisticated, natural flavor profiles, you can deliver a complex, satisfying eating experience.

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Helping you create a better, “better for you”

Consumers ask a lot of their cereal and bars—is it breakfast, a snack, or a meal replacement? Yes, to all of the above! This heightened expectation of food has not taken the pressure off creating great tasting flavors; it’s only complicated it. Our main goal is to help you elevate flavor integrity as you remove any unwanted ingredients, such as sugar, salt, and fat. Our experts understand your challenges when formulating with functional ingredients. We will partner with you to help you create the clean label products and flavorful tastes that your consumers demand.

  • Flavor modulation to mask off-notes in high-fiber and whole-grains
  • Flavor enhancers enable improved flavor and mouthfeel when reducing fat or sugar
  • Flavor Cell® proprietary technology enables you to create complex, layered flavors for the ultimate taste experience
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All the expertise you need under one roof

All the expertise you need under one roof

McCormick’s expertise runs deep, from our state-of-the-art equipment and virtuoso flavor professionals to our in-depth consumer insights. We help you concept and create all components of cereal and bars, including coatings, inclusions and slurries.

At McCormick, we do more than just produce a flavor for you; we partner and collaborate closely with you to simulate your processes, including technology-driven flavor development and model system development to test flavors and ingredients in bar and cereal matrices. This invaluable combination helps get us to the right flavor profile more quickly, allowing you to deliver consumer-preferred flavors much faster.

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