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Milk it for all it’s worth, and more

How do you top delicious ‘fresh from the farm’ flavor? Add indulgent goodness, that’s how. From complex, sophisticated profiles to traditional vanilla and cinnamon flavorings, we’ve got your dairy and dairy-alternative products covered.

Optimizing flavor in dairy

It’s our humble opinion that if it’s not creamy, it’s not dairy—at least, not a dairy experience worthy of your brand. Reducing sugar and fat in dairy products often leads to undesirable mouthfeel and taste. FlavorFull™, McCormick’s proprietary flavor modulation technology adds full-flavor and mouth-feel to your dairy and dairy-alternative products as you reduce the sugar and fat.

Vanilla Beans, Extract, Vanillin and Vanilla Extenders

Milk, ice cream, yogurt, coffee creamers, frozen treats—vanilla is everyone’s favorite foundational flavor. Our deep understanding of vanilla has resulted in a variety of effective vanilla flavor solutions for any project. Our proprietary flavor modulation technology can help ensure flavor consistency when reducing vanillin and vanilla extract and replacing them with extenders or natural flavors.

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From Moo to Ooh!

From Moo to Ooh!

Simple flavor solutions won’t cut it. Dairy has moved far beyond a staple to a total flavor experience. Seasonal creamers, savory yogurt, decadent ice cream, velvety dairy alternatives—dairy is a medium for layered flavor profiles that awaken the senses and tickle the tongue.

By understanding your processes and development challenges, and replicating your production environment and conditions, we can help to ensure that you consistently deliver satisfying taste.