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Savory Snacks

Savor the next level of snack adventure

Gone are the days of three square meals—gone is square flavor all together. With emerging flavor-packed entries in the snack category, consumers have never been so satisfied by a single bite.

There are no limits to consumer taste expectations in the snack space. We partner with you to add more flavor through innovative, layered sensory blends, and techniques like applying topical flavors. Pique consumers’ curiosity with adventurous profiles, and impress them with your ability to deliver taste while addressing health and wellness challenges.

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Flavor heard 'round the world

The sharing of food continually influences global cultures. By predicting the next big flavors, we can help you pinpoint what will be in demand in various countries across the globe. From bringing you inspiration to ensuring consistent quality systems and regulatory compliance, we are an unrivaled global ally. Our deep knowledge of global trends and culinary techniques helps you unleash new taste sensations throughout the world.

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Nothing holds back the snack attack

Nothing holds back the snack attack

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