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The McCormick Difference:Culinary


Culinary is our Foundation

No matter what area of the food industry your brand resides, culinary is the backbone of successful flavor creation. Whether it’s by amplifying the back-of-house of your restaurant, rolling off your production line, or infusing the taste of your beverage, we’ll leverage our rich history in culinary to ensure your products consistently achieve that “from-the-kitchen” taste consumers crave.

With a keen understanding of the art and science of ingredient-based flavor, our chefs can help you master challenges such as gluten-free, lower-sugar, reduced salt, and organic to deliver winning proof-of-concepts and consumer-preferred flavors.

That same great taste, from Baltimore to Beijing

That same great taste, from Baltimore to Beijing

Whether in a bottle of beer, on a potato chip, or on a cereal bar, your consumers want to know your product will deliver the same great flavor time and time again.

Our full team of world-class executive chefs, certified research chefs, culinary nutritionists, sensory scientists, product developers, and analytical scientists will innovate against your processes and challenges to you create great-tasting, in-application flavor that’s globally consistent and repeatable across your facilities.