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Bone Broth: Beyond the Bowl

October 2019 | Tyler, Insights & Content

Bone broth may be best known as a soup base, but many would be surprised to hear that it is forging its way as an ingredient for drinks and other unexpected applications. Why is this old-world staple suddenly trending with consumers? Full of rich flavor and nutrients, bone broth is naturally low in sodium, high in collagen and protein, and low in calories. Praised for its positive contributions to joint, cardiovascular and skin health, it’s easy to see why this kitchen staple is becoming all the rage.

Between 2015 and 2017, US bone broth product launches experienced a CAGR of 147% (Innova). Beyond traditional broth, new product launches include protein powder, bars, and convenient RTD formats with bone broth being combined with other healthy halo ingredients such as pressed juices. Broad interest from culinary publications and consumer recipe sites have challenged bone broth into new applications, such as popsicles, coffee drinks and smoothies.

 At Brand Aromatics, a subsidiary of McCormick Flavor Solutions, we create our bone broths the same way that grandma used to—by slow simmering bones and other natural ingredients that result in rich and bold flavors. To incorporate this flavorful ingredient into your next application, check out our chef inspired ideas to get you started:


To get started on your next innovation with bone broth, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.