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New Ways into the Mighty Oat

October 2020 | Theresa, Content Manager

The modern take on the mighty oat showcases brands eager to engage a new audience, with updated berry and fruit flavors, nutty and salty mix-ins, and even savory Italian-inspired fare.


Why This Trend Will Stick



Oats are rapidly stealing the limelight across the globe, owing to the increased health awareness and benefits of oats consumption. High demand for healthy breakfast from the consumer, due to several health benefits have a positive impact on the oats market globally. - Reuters



Today, you’ll see beautifully adorned oatmeal bowls—accessorized with berries, pumpkin seeds and geometrically placed apple slices—all over Instagram (over 3 million results) and influencer accounts. Posts often boast hashtags like #healthylifestyle or #fitfoodie. Goop referred to the soggy staple as “Cozy. Hot. Satisfying.”- Fast Company



Oatmeal is well positioned for a complete breakfast takeover at a time when consumers want the first meal more than ever. Oatmeal has long held a reputation for being healthy, especially when compared to sugar-laced cold cereal that have been adorned with talking cartoon characters. -Food Dive


Here are the micro-trends we see in this trend:

  • On-the-go
  • Nostalgia with a boost
  • Overnight oats
  • Savory oats




  • Take the oat beyond the hot breakfast bowl and find on-the-go, convenient applications from snacks to beverages.
  • Rely on the classic, beloved flavors associated with oats, but find ways to modernize with global twists or upscale ingredients.
  • Explore savory profiles for oats as a beyond breakfast meal.


To ensure your mighty oat innovation taste great, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.