The Kid-Friendly Conundrum: Solving for “Good” and “Good For Them” Foods | McCormick Flavor Solutions
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The Kid-Friendly Conundrum: Solving for “Good” and “Good For Them” Foods

November 2018 | Monica, Product Development Scientist

As a product development scientist, I help our clients tackle product development hurdles. A challenge we have tackled many times is developing kid-friendly products that meet the demands of today’s parents. Having recently become a parent, I have a new appreciation for the challenges being presented to product developers. Increasingly we’re being asked to recreate iconic tastes while solving for ingredient and nutrition label requirements. With taste solutions ranging from simple ingredients like spices & herbs to our proprietary flavor technology, I have the ability to creatively approach these challenges with confidence.

Here are a couple of key challenges my customers have been prioritizing when having to create kid-focused foods and how we’ve been able to solve them here at McCormick Flavor Solutions.





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