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Featured Flavors: Japanese Izakaya Eats

January 2021 | Ian, Senior Research Chef, UK

Our signature Flavor Forecast® report uncovers trends that shake up the way we cook, flavor and eat. As 2020 celebrated 20 years of forecasting, we’d like to share some of our favorite profiles that have made an impact on the flavor landscape and will continue to shape our tastes for tomorrow.

Japanese pub culture offers an authentic, yet casual way to experience the unique and diverse flavors of the East Asian island. Highlighted in the 2018 Flavor Forecast®, Izakayas – Japanese gastropubs – serve up tasting plates, similar to Spanish tapas that feature bold explosions of flavor. Skewered meats and seafood and onigiri stuffed rice balls paired with bright, glossy glazes and furikake seasoning deliver a stunning balance of sensational flavor and crunchy texture. The profiles can go beyond the bar and flavor a variety of applications.

Check out Chef Ian’s take on Izakaya eats and innovation inspiration:jan21_Izakaya_tile

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