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Crafting Craveable Beer Flavors

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Crafting Craveable Beer Flavors

October 2017 | Brian, Marketing & Insights

Enjoying its fifth consecutive year of growth, craft beer remains a bright spot in the beer market. In fact, roughly half (48%) of beer drinkers report that they are ordering craft beer away from home more often now than three years ago (2016 Technomic Inc.).

Achieving this growth did not happen on accident. Consumer demand for rapid flavor experimentation has propelled craft brewers to focus their innovation around flavors–often stealing inspiration from other taste experiences including seasonal flavors, desserts, spirits and other hand-crafted concoctions. Here is a little inspiration for you next consumer-preferred beverage:

Fruit Inspired

Dessert Inspired

Borrowed Beverage


For more ideas on expanding your craft flavor portfolios with fresh inspiration, contact your McCormick account representative or contact us today.