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Unexpected Flavors Invite Indulgence

June 2017 | Brian, Marketing & Insights Manager

Why do we use the term “guilty pleasure” or “sinful indulgence”? Food and drink are meant to be enjoyed! Today’s consumers, especially millennials, savor every nuance and demand more from their food & beverage experiences. With every bite or sip, the bar is raised for the next taste experience – or in other words your flavor innovation process. Based on a recent GlobalData study, how enjoyable or unique a product is almost always influences the consumer purchase decision.

Here’s a bit of inspiration to create the unexpected and deliver elevated taste experiences:

Indulgent Flavor #1: Chocolate + Basil + Passion Fruit

Brand-relevant products with unexpected flavor combinations, like sweet basil and tropical passion fruit paired with rich chocolate, feel premium. The rarity of this flavor experience creates a prime opportunity for indulgence.

Ways to bring this exciting, indulgent flavor profile to life:

  • Cocoa Basil Biscuits with Passion Fruit Compote
  • Cocoa-rubbed Ribs with Passion Fruit Basil BBQ Sauce
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Torte with Passion Fruit Glaze and Candied Basil
Indulgent Flavors #2: Black Rum + Charred Orange + Allspice

Consumers want to explore food and drink combinations that enhance their sensory experiences, which means finding flavor combinations that are transportive, like the instant tropical getaway that comes from black rum with charred orange and allspice.

Ways to bring this tropical, aromatic flavor profile to life:

  • Charred Orange Colada
  • Grilled Shrimp with Charred Orange, Allspice, and Black Rum Glaze over Coconut Rice
  • Charred Orange Sorbet with Rum Chocolate Sauce, and Spiced Shortbread
Indulgent Flavor #3: Maple + Bacon + Peppercorn

Treating oneself is a leading motivator for snack flavors, so giving consumers the option to indulge with bacon is made all the more special with sweet maple and spicy peppercorn. It’s the sweet, salt, and fat in permissible portions that makes this flavor combination a real treat.

Here are some ways to bring this comforting, layered flavor profile to life:

  • Bacon Maple Peppercorn Kettle Corn
  • Maple Shortbread Cookies with Candied Black Pepper Bacon
  • Maple & Black Pepper Bacon Jerky

Intense flavor creation is making emerging food trends more indulgent than ever before. Bold and exciting product development and innovation opportunities await your brand as consumers seek unique experiences. For more information about how McCormick Flavor Solutions can help you discover unexpected flavor pairings that will fit your brand and create flavors the elevate the consumer taste experience contact us now.