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The Essence of FlavorSpice®

August 2017 | Andy, Flavorist, and Jill, Principal Scientist

FlavorSpice® comes in many different forms:

With consumers demanding products developed with ‘back to basics’ formulas, product lines like FlavorSpice® are experiencing a renaissance as food technologists develop and improve natural flavor and consistency. It is cost-effective while delivering instant flavor release and enhanced flavor perception.

Each feature of FlavorSpice® creates clear benefits:

Consistent Flavor and Color

  • No variance due to seasonal, varietal, or climatic changes
  • End-product consistency, batch-to-batch, time after time

FlavorSpice® Solution Tree

“Commercially Sterile”

  • Pathogen-free and free from macro contamination
  • Provides extended raw material shelf-life

Multiple Concentrations: Single-Strength or Concentrated

  • Provides versatility and ease of use for product requirements
  • Assures optimal dispersion in product application
  • Potential opportunity to lower cost-in-use

Multiple Forms: Dry or Liquid, Water or Oil Soluble

  • Provides maximum flexibility for all applications
  • Delivers visual appeal with ‘speck-free’ appearance 

We will always love traditional herbs and spices but the benefits of FlavorSpice® in flavor innovation and product development let us love them a little more. To learn more about FlavorSpice®, view our Spice Flavors page and contact your McCormick Flavor Solutions account manager.  New to McCormick Flavor Solutions? Contact us today.