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The Detective Work Behind Great Flavor Bases

September 2017 | Joe, Master Flavor Chemist

I work for Brand Aromatics, a division of McCormick Flavor Solutions that focuses on creating custom culinary flavor bases. What I like best about this job is that it’s like detective work, recreating the scene of a great taste experience. We develop authentic, ethnic blends of culinary pastes and meat-based flavor systems that let you create the best sauces, dips, curries, marinades, soups: the best savory flavor delivery systems, period. Our job is to solve your problems, help you understand the trends consumers demand, and develop those flavors in ways that work best for your products.

Our job is to solve our customer's problems

Consumer trends today are driving manufacturers to need it all—culinary-inspired flavors with fresh, "real" ingredients that can be used in any format. They want to create rustic marinara sauces with large vegetable ingredients, frozen entrees that taste like they took hours to make, and curries that are authentic enough to transport you to another region with just one bite.

Everything we create is made-to-order and designed to deliver on the full taste experience with an added benefit of simplifying our customers’ ingredient sourcing. This is why we call them flavor bases…they are so much more than just “flavors”. We work closely with our culinary team to learn and appreciate the exact flavor profile our customer is looking for—for instance, making sure the Rendang curry flavor base we’re working on delivers on the targeted profile. Does it need more lemongrass, or less coconut milk? Does it work for the brand standards? Then we make sure to develop that flavor so that it can go into a marinade, condiment, or soup—whatever the customer needs. This investigative collaboration we have with culinary ensures that we create the most authentic, nuanced global flavors for your products.

Every customer’s needs are different, so everything we make is really tailored to those needs. With a little culinary investigation and culinary insight, we deconstruct consumers’ favorite flavors and products, then begin piecing together the taste experience and solving their problems with a flavor system that is designed to satisfy their consumer demands and operational requirements. From concept to commercialization, I love a good challenge and problem solving for our customers.

For your next great globally-inspired culinary flavor base, reach out to your McCormick account manager or contact us here today to learn more about working with our team.