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Vegan Creamy Caesar Dressing Flavor

March 2020 | Marissa, Applications Scientist

Has the whole world gone vegan? Not quite. But more and more consumers are cutting meat and dairy from their diets. The one thing they’re not giving up, however, is flavor. Enter a perfect solution: a Caesar dressing profile created with vegan flavors.

To achieve the same creamy texture of traditional dressing, but appeal to those seeking non-dairy ingredients, I selected cashew milk as a dressing base. As nut-based milks rise in popularity, cashew is a great plant-based choice. Next, to replicate the profile of Caesar dressing, I created a winning taste profile with vegan flavors. A ‘cooked based’ roasted reaction flavor delivers depth and warmth, while a parmesan-type flavor delivers that salty, cheese note all without any dairy. The taste experience features a slightly savory dressing with upfront garlic and parmesan flavors. I was able to transform ‘alternative’ ingredients into vegan goodness that hits all the right flavor notes.

And this flavor is made for more than just salads. It also can pack a delicious punch in sauces, chips and crackers.

To apply the profile of Caesar dressing in a vegan application, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.