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Fun, Whimsical Flavors

April 2018 | Theresa, Insights & Content Manager

Your mother was wrong when she said not to play with your food. With product launches like the Unicorn Frappuccino® and rainbow bagels, consumers are drawn to fun, whimsical flavors.

Consumers have been going wild over fun, and downright silly foods that deliver smiles alongside great taste. Rainbows, sparkles and unicorn-everything, this trend is universally pleasing, delighting all ages from 1 to 100.

With the constant stresses of the modern world, grabbing a bite that makes you feel like a kid again is an utterly irresistible experience. Who could possibly resist a thick swirl of pastel icing that looks like it leapt out of a storybook, a fluffy cloud of cotton candy that brings back memories of the state fair, or a bit of raw cookie dough that reminds you of all those times your grandmother would let you lick the bowl after a day of baking? Food always has a part in some of our most cherished memories, and just one nostalgic bite can take anyone back to some of the best times of their life. Try playing with some of these whimsical flavors that can make any day feel like something special:

Fun at the Fair Bake Shop Visit Farmers Market Finds

Keep your customers happy with a whimsical touch and remind them that regardless of what their mother says, food can be fun! Reach out to your McCormick account representative or contact us today for more information on these and other nostalgic flavor concepts.