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The Bold Flavors of Jalapeno Lime

April 2019 | Terra, Product Development Scientist

Hot and spicy food and drinks are, well, hot!  And when my customers crave heat, I want to be sure to deliver on bold and complex flavor as well. Having grown up in Southern California, I often look to the mouth-watering cuisine of Mexico for spicy food inspiration. Our Brand Aromatics Jalapeno Lime flavor base is the answer to satisfy the desire for complex fiery taste experiences for a variety of applications!

Although this base was created with a simple culinary blend, the final product is anything but basic. Its concentrated, high flavor impact means that a little bit of base goes a long way.  When tasting, there is an immediate sharp, tangy spiciness from the jalapeno that finishes with a tart, juicy lime flavor.

The versatility of this base caters to all consumers who love bold heat – vegetarians and carnivores alike.  To me, it’s reminiscent of jalapeno lime margaritas - but some other applications to take this base are in packaged grain-based meals, bone broth, dried mango snacks, beef jerky, cookies, cocktails and juices, canned black beans, salsas and more.

To incorporate the bold profile of jalapeno lime into your next innovation, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.