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Global Goes Regional

April 2020 | Theresa, Marketing Manager

As worldwide travel and social media connect Americans to new places, consumers are seeking out the cuisines and flavors of lesser-known regions. Regionally authentic spice blends such as India’s garam masala, Egypt’s nutty and earthy dukkah and North Africa’s peppery harissa are making their way into the American palate, adding new depth and taste to a variety of dishes.

Why This Trend Will Stick


76% of respondents say ethnic foods with authentic spices and sauces are appealing to them, and 68% wish there were more restaurants that offered dishes with true global ingredients, from spices and herbs to sauces and even breading. - Mintel market research


There are more than 300 restaurants that serve cuisine from across the subcontinent in New York City alone, according to Krishnendu Ray, a professor at New York University who has been studying the cuisine's rise for more than a decade. Compare that to the mere 20 Indian restaurants that could be found in the Big Apple in the early 1980s. - Washington Post

Here are the micro-trends we see in this trend:

  • Filipino Ube Flavor Combinations
  • Syrian Sumac
  • Indian Inspiration



  • Going beyond national dishes and spices, there's a great opportunity to pursue regional flavors while also pleasing a spice-accustomed American palate.
  • With these new spices and herbs entering the US, there are more sour and tart flavors in addition to the traditional sweet and spicy; this offers a great space for experimentation by contrasting and combining.
  • There’s room to lean into both specific dishes and ingredients for distinct flavor experiences.

To get started on your regional flavor innovation, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.