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Flavor Forecast 21st Edition



This year’s exciting trends push the boundaries further than ever in the plant-based world (Plants Pushing Boundaries), invite comforting global flavors to the table in approachable ways (Humble Nosh), deliver the fresh, undiscovered ingredients and textures of the coast direct to the palate (Underwater, Under Discovered) and reignite our health and wellness through the reemergence of mindful eating and intentional ingredients based on ancient philosophy (Physiological Eating).

Indulgent, Satiating, Sensational & Playful

Flavorful vegetables, fruit and botanicals are pushed beyond their healthy halo into sweet and savory food and beverages. This is what’s next in plant-based.

Learn more about Plants Pushing Boundaries

Approachable, Nostalgic, Global

Drawing inspiration from the Yiddish word -nashn, meaning “to nibble on," we combine rising global flavors with universal food & beverage formats to ‘travel locally’ and taste new flavors comfortably.

Learn more about Humble Nosh.

Fresh, Earthy, Under Discovered

Bringing flavors from the coast to the kitchen, diving into the potential of the underwater world and it’s under discovered ingredients and textures.

Learn more about Underwater, Under Discovered.

Balanced, Intentional, Delicious

Mindful eating and intentional ingredients to achieve mind-body balance. A reemergence of this ancient philosophy is what’s next in health & wellness.

Learn more about Physiological Eating.

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