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Strawberry Lime Delight

April 2023 | Sandra, Scientist

When it comes to strawberry delights, you can’t beat a good ol’ fashioned strawberry festival. Dating back to 1930, The Florida Strawberry Festival has evolved into one of the largest in the country, showcasing modern flavors and fun rooted in classic appeal. From shortcakes to crepes, and even strawberry pizzas, the signature fruit is celebrated everywhere, and is found in everything imaginable. Vendors work hard to showcase outstanding and inventive flavor twists, including the growing-in-popularity combination of strawberry and lime. The Strawberry Key Lime Funnel Cake featured at the Florida Strawberry Festival is made with strawberry key lime cake batter, dusted with sugar, layered with plump Florida strawberries, and topped with a tart, homemade key lime glaze. Wow!

Struck by this new twist grounded in tradition, Sandra, a Scientist here at McCormick® Flavor Solutions, felt inspired to develop a cupcake starring TrueTaste® Lime Flavor Natural in the cake, and Strawberry Natural WONF flavor in the frosting. The lime flavor is our innovative TrueTaste® technology, which utilizes a subtle heat process to preserve flavor volatiles and to create a true-to-fruit profile when paired with Natural Strawberry WONF flavor.


The result is a fresh, juicy, rich, strawberry buttercream frosting that perfectly complements the bright, vibrant lime. Each bite feels like a warm summer breeze, serving up that perfect balance of sweet and tart.


Why wait around all year for strawberry season when flavors like Strawberry Lime exist? Delivering a pop of sweet strawberry tartness with a burst of tangy, citrusy lime, this flavor combo is a fun twist wherever you’d enjoy classic strawberry … think cupcakes, donuts, cakes, glazes, cocktails, mocktails, ice cream, and more.


Feeling inspired? To deliver Strawberry Lime flavor to baked goods, beverages, and more, get in touch with McCormick or request a flavor sample.