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Creating Authentic Mexican Elote Seasoning

June 2020 | Erick, Sr. Food Technologist, Mexico

Whether served from food stalls, truck beds or underneath umbrellas, Mexico’s famous elotes – ears of white corn boiled in chicken broth, salt and epazote – are a divine treat when it comes to the plethora of culinary creations found on the streets of Mexico.

The bold flavors and simple street food preparations I’ve fallen in love with here are exactly what inspired me to create an elote seasoning that embodies the strong, lasting flavor of the Mexican street corn.

I’m lucky enough to live and work as a product developer in Mexico where I get to experience signature cuisine just like this, firsthand. To create a powerful seasoning with just the right notes, I explored the ways this tasty treat is prepared, flavored and enjoyed.

Once boiled, the corn is skewered onto a wooden stick and then flavored two different ways: with “just lime and chili” or “all the way.” “Just lime & chili” strikes a tasty balance between bright acidic notes of lime and spicy heat of chili. “Taking It All the Way” transforms elote into a creamy, salty & chili-spiced concoction by adding mayo and grated cheese as well…the ultimate street food perfection which makes this my favorite style!

So, what does that all mean for elote seasoning? We combined several flavors together to replicate the high sensory experience of enjoying the taste and aroma of “all the way” elote – feta cheese, lime, sour cream, garlic, capsicum, cilantro and even buttered popcorn flavor to impart cooked corn notes. The result is a layering of flavor that delights the senses!

The finished seasoning was applied to tortilla chips as a savory, munchable snack, but the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to delivering an authentic Mexican street food profile.

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