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Traveling Snacking Tastes

June 2022 | Marketing & Insights

With the impact on travel from COVID-19, consumers have become more eager to experiment with new savory taste experiences. Consumers are seeking authentic, yet easily accessible, foods and snacks from various countries and regions. They’re looking to explore new flavors, tastes, and levels of spice that they may not be used to.

International cuisines are still high in demand, and the trend toward global cuisine and flavors shows no signs of slowing down. New global flavors, ethnic spices, and internationally- inspired dishes are a constant source of excitement for consumers, especially for Gen Zs and Millennials.

Why it is Interesting

Much of this increased interest in ethnic flavor is driven by food acting as an avenue for consumers to fulfill their desire for new experiences and aspirational fulfilment. 
Food Dive

According to the report, Snacking: Emerging, Evolving, and Disrupted, 56% of Gen Z and 56% of Millennials agree that snacking allows them to try new global flavors. 
-Convenience Store

Gen Z and Millennials had the most diverse palates and showed the strongest interest in international cuisines. 

Gourmet Delicacies

As consumer palates evolve to more complex and sophisticated flavors, we’re seeing more gourmet foods and ingredients entering the savory snack space.

We’re seeing gourmet and umami flavors such as black and white truffle enter as potato chip flavors, along with sweet and savory flavors such as honey and mustard. In addition, caviar is becoming more mainstream, as well as specialty ingredients such as Iberian ham and smoked hot paprika.


East Asian Adventures

East Asian-inspired flavors from Japan, China, and Korea are becoming increasingly popular
among North American consumers in savory snacks.

Salty snacks are taking inspiration from East Asian flavors and becoming increasingly inventive and internationalized. Here we’re seeing tofu kimchi, sesame, tamari, karaage, takoyaki, teriyaki, wasabi, nori, and unique flavor combinations such as sweet and sour pickled plum and honey butter.


Under the Sea

Salmon skin and other fish-based crispy snacks are growing in popularity among consumers who wish to increase their consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and protein rich snack products.

While seaweed-based snacks are becoming more popular, we’re also seeing a growing range of seafood-based snacks (salmon, squid, white fish). They often come in the form of crispy chips or salmon skins and in savory flavors such as chili lime, spicy BBQ, sriracha lemongrass, pesto, sweet salsa, and paprika.


Latin Street Food

From tamales to tortillas, Latin American-inspired foods are making their way into the savory snack category as consumers become more interested in international flavors.

Drawing much inspiration from Latin Street food, salty snacks are using bases including sweet corn, crunchy cactus, plantain, and jackfruit. Spicy flavors and zests are also being incorporated, such as chile turmeric, chili lime, and even Latin-specific spices such as adobo.



  • There are opportunities to play with bold and rich flavors that are inspired by gourmet flavors to attract the adult palate and provide an exotic tasting experience.
  • Tapping into popular international food flavors that are equal parts bold, spicy, and satisfying, there’s also an opportunity to explore unique combinations of sweet and sour.
  • There’s an opportunity to use tangy, spicy, and even sweet-leaning flavors as add-ons to strong flavor bases such as seafood.

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