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10 Things You Should Know May Edition

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10 Things You Should Know May Edition

May 2022 | Marketing & Insights

Here is a look at the latest “10 things you should know” that are impacting food and flavor. Translate these trends into bold new ideas for your brand. Increase market share and get to your “what’s next.”

1. Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream
The iconic creamy, cheesy and rich Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is now available as an Ice cream flavor. Kraft Heinz’s partnered with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to create the ultimate comfort food. It was developed to have the same look, taste, and experience of eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. The bright orange ice cream is available at Walmart. 
Food Dive

2. Babybel Vegan Cheese
Plantbased food is on the rise and Babybel is jumping in with their new vegan cheese. Although it is dairy free, it still contains calcium and vitamin B12. It also comes with a new look – a dark green cover instead of the vibrant red consumers are used to. 

3. Lenny & Larry's Breakfast Bars
Consumers asked and Lenny & Larry’s delivered. They launched their first breakfast bar to fulfill the demand for plant-based protein and immunity support. These on-the-go bars come in 4 flavors: Apple cinnamon, Blueberry lemon, Banana chocolate chip, and Cranberry white chocolate-chip. 
Food Business News

4. Hemp-Based Meat
A start-up company, Naturist, launched a ‘vegan meat’ made with hemp seeds and organic peas called Crump. This protein-rich ‘meat’ is said to be a great base for some of your favorite dishes like tacos and lasagna. 
-Food Navigator

5. Starbuck's Summer Menu
You know that summer is around the corner when Starbucks’ launches their long-awaited summer menu. This year, on top of the list is the new Chocolate Cream Cold Brew. This brew is made with a combination of coffee, chocolate notes, and malt flavor and is described as nostalgic. 
-Pop Sugar

6. Rosé Berries
Just in time for summer, Driscoll’s is bringing back their limited-edition rosé strawberries and raspberries due to popular demand. While neither fruit contains actual rosé wine, the berries were “curated” to have distinct notes of peach and have a floral finish. These berries were not genetically modified but rather crossbred through traditional techniques. 

7. Beercoal
This Memorial Day, Miller Lite is launching their first-ever charcoal product, Miller Lite Beercoal. This charcoal is infused with actual Miller Lite reduction and is said to bring the flavors of Miller Lite to your barbequed food. 
-Food & Wine

8. Wasabi Flavored Popcorn
Who said you can only have wasabi with sushi? Opopop, a gourmet popcorn company, launched the first wasabi-flavored popcorn. Consumers can expect a “nose-tingling kick and delicious salty finish” with every bite. Opopop will also send consumers a pair of gold chopsticks with every bag ordered.  
-Food Dive

9. Gen Z vs. Dairy
A study set out to find how social media influences attitudes towards dairy, the findings are rather surprising. 55% of Gen-Zers said they use social media to inform their dietary decisions, 49% felt ashamed to order dairy in front of peers, and 29% admitted to ordering dairy alternatives in public and consuming traditional dairy at home. 
-Food Navigator

10.Cake Batter Latte
Dunkin’ Donuts debuted a new item this month, Cake Batter Signature Latte. Made with cake batter-flavored syrup, expresso, milk, and topped with whipped cream. This item was added just in time for summer but will only be available for limited time. 
-Pop Sugar

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