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Cilantro Lime Walking Taco!

June 2023 | Paul, Scientist

Way more than hot dogs and funnel cakes, food festivals today are reimagining food and flavor in fun, innovative, and even futuristic ways. At the top of the exciting list of taste experiences? Plant-based, vegan delights that answer for the growing demand, without sacrificing flavor! Enter, the vegan walking taco.

From sports events to festivals, walking tacos are a must-try experience. Generally consisting of a bag of tortilla chips loaded with all the best taco fixings, walking tacos are enjoyed directly from the bag with a spoon. Social, and very social-media-worthy, tacos on the go are totally customizable based on the customers’ needs and likes, and that includes of the plant-based variety.

Inspired by the growth in festival food offerings and acceptance of plant-based, and my role as Scientist, I set off to create a fully vegan “chicken” walking taco. I incorporated a Cilantro Flavor Natural WONF plus a TrueTaste® Lime Flavor Natural which utilizes a subtle heat process to preserve flavor volatiles and deliver true-to-fruit profile. Lastly, I included a Chicken Type Reaction Flavor Natural which ensures that this taco really tastes like chicken!

Each bite delivers a savory note of roasted chicken (which also covers up the plant-based protein), bright lime, subtle cilantro, and a touch of heat from chipotle powder. Top it off with veggie-forward garnishes like shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, avocado, and a sprinkle of vegan cheese, and you’ve got yourself the perfect party snack. This bold chicken flavor profile can go beyond the bag and enhance the taste experience of plant-based proteins like vegan patties, soups, sides and more


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