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Building Bolder Seasonings with French’s® Mustard Flavor

July 2019 | Angela, Senior Scientist, Product Development

From backyards to big-league ball games, French’s® mustard is simply an American classic. Our spray dried French’s® Yellow and Dijon Mustard Flavors offer bold ways for you to incorporate these iconic condiment profiles into any application, so I got creative to test its versatility. At the bench, we've experimented with other flavors, ingredients and technologies to create differentiated profiles to accompany these two iconic tastes.

First, I went for a classic Carolina BBQ Seasoning that brings the mustard upfront followed by vinegary notes, a touch of sweet, traditional Carolina BBQ and pork flavors.

Then, inspired by the rising popularity of Mediterranean fare, I developed a Dijon Herb de Provence Seasoning that resulted in a more unique premium pairing. The taste: Dijon mustard upfront, then heat and vinegar rounded out by the savory, fennel, rosemary, marjoram and thyme flavors of Herb de Provence.

For a middle ground somewhere between familiar and premium, I took inspiration from charcuterie to create Dijon Smoked Gouda Seasoning that brings creamy, smoked gouda flavor first, finishing with Dijon. Here, yellow mustard helps build the heat of the Dijon for a savory combination.


These seasonings offer robust flavor profiles from backyard BBQ to premium—all without artificial flavors, colors or MSG. Test their versatility yourself in everything from snacks and soups to meats and sauces.

To get started on your next innovation with French’s® Mustard Dry Flavors, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.