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Alternative Proteins in Nutrition

July 2020 | Theresa, Marketing Manager

Whether it’s whey protein, brown rice protein, plant protein or insects, the experimentation with new forms of protein spans the flavor gamut, from warm spice and fresh citrus to tropical fruits and savory herbs. Challenges can include the bitter or undesirable off-notes of these proteins, leading brands and restaurants to experiment with either indulgent or daring flavor profiles as a counterbalance.

Why This Trend Will Stick


Professional athletes (including tennis star Venus Williams, ultrarunner Scott Jurek and boxer David Haye, to name a few) are dispelling the fallacy that plant-based eating hinders performance. - Insider


“New data confirms what we are hearing and seeing every day from our members: sales are up, investment is increasing, and new jobs are being created in the plant-based foods industry.”- Michele Simon, Executive Director of The Plant Based Food Association


““There’s an entire industry that wants to see more dishes like this [made with insects]. The burgeoning edible insect industry churns out protein bars, pastas and chips made from insects—most notably crickets. Insects join other forms of protein making a run at meat, including lentils and pea and rice protein, said Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation at Innova Marketing Insights.” -USA Today

Here are the micro-trends we see in this trend:

  • Plant based wisdom
  • Whey protein
  • Bone broth nutrition
  • Unconventional protein sources


  • Meat protein no longer reigns supreme. Consumers are seeking a variety of protein sources. Choose the protein best for your base.
  • No matter the protein, from plant to insect, taste must still be great. Overcome hesitancy for trial with exciting, bold or indulgent profiles most fitting for your product.

Incorporating alternative protein in to your next innovation? Let’s collaborate to make it tastes great. Contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.