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Snackable Flavor with Caribbean Jerk Seasoning

July 2020 | Noelle, Product Development

The mouthwatering flavor of Caribbean jerk seasoning has a way of inviting all to enjoy its island-inspired vibes, including myself. Having been partial to Mexican cuisine and heat in the past (I love Mexican cuisine!) I was surprised how quickly I fell for the complex profile of Caribbean jerk seasoning when asked to work on it as an application for snacks.

The intense flavor of Caribbean jerk seasoning typically includes thyme, allspice, coriander, and heat – cayenne pepper and capsicum. It’s a late, herbal heat that builds with each bite - not unlike the spiciness of Mexican food. I quickly drew this parallel and realized that Caribbean jerk could be another great application for bringing complexity of flavor to snack foods, especially as a unique swap where Latin flavors are often looked to for these types of products instead.

Once our Caribbean jerk seasoning was perfected, I couldn’t wait for the customer to try it out. From veggie chips, puffed snacks, fruit-based snacks, meat and plant-based jerky … it’s savory, hot and just what consumers are craving. There are many snack flavor bases in the market, but this seasoning could be used for any of them, often with minimal tweaking. 

I’m always on the hunt for the latest in industry trends and am so thankful for projects like this that allow me to experiment and discover flavors that are exciting and beneficial to our customers’ brands. Up next? The plant-based, clean-label trend is having a huge moment on the food industry – and I can’t wait to follow where it goes!

To add some heat + flavor complexity to your innovation with Caribbean jerk seasoning, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.