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Sauces with a Touch of Authenticity

July 2022 | Marketing & Insights

Consumers are looking to experiment and try more cosmopolitan ingredients and elements in their cooking. Authenticity is important for consumers looking to try new things, especially when it comes to innovating on traditional dishes.

With the growth of globalization, the tastes of various cultures are more accessible than ever before. Using inspiration from authentic, classic recipes, brands can celebrate global flavors and cultures.

Why it is Interesting

As the American consumer demographic continues to grow and become more diverse, so do their food preferences—which is no surprise as more unique international cuisines are popping up in every food category. 
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Researchers recently found that Millennials are more adventurous when it comes to eating and preparing food compared to Baby Boomers. Specifically, according to a report from The Good News Network, Millennials eat more foreign dishes, experiment with rare or uncommon ingredients, and even catch their meal. 
-Science Times

“Indian-American chefs are becoming very popular in the burgeoning foodie movement in the U.S. because diners are excited to try ethnic cuisine, and Indian chefs who are able to bring interpretations of ethnic flavors through the use of modern techniques are finding success.” 
Visi R. Tilak, Wall Street Journal Writer

Sauce Hybrids

Sauce hybrids remix the traditional rules of sauces and condiments. Hybrids bring together familiar favorites (such as mayo) along with new cultural influences. Often, these combinations are unexpected and bring a new element or sensorial sensation to the category.

This includes new sauces like street avocado cilantro, chipotle and mayo hybrids, as well as Korean meets everything bagel seasonings.


Indian Achaar

Achaar is a pickled food from India that can be added to a variety of applications in order to deliver a decadent taste of this country’s cuisine.

It is made differently based on the region in India, but is a staple, much like pickles are to Americans, and can be versatile, being adapted to different sauces, chilis, etc.


Middle Eastern Za’atar

Za’atar is a dynamic herb blend that can be used in everything from snacks to meals. It is complex, made up of different ingredients depending on the country, and even region, in the Middle East.

While Za’atar is traditionally a seasoning, there are opportunities to blend into a condiment or sauce, reimagining the blend of ingredients inside (from capers to vinegar to rosemary and thyme).


African Peri-Peri

The taste of the African pepper, Peri Peri, is described as similar to tabasco. Spicy with a touch of sweet, this pepper gives food an exciting and upbeat flavor profile. 

Peri Peri is exciting in the sense that it can be used on a lot of blank canvases to add heat as well as brightness.



  • Consumers are looking to try global flavors and share unforgettable eating experiences with their families. There is opportunity, using classic family recipes and respecting cultures, for exciting flavors to become staples in any kitchen.
  • Blending flavors and ingredients from two or more cultures creates the opportunity to create daring and flavorful fusions that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Elevating sauces and condiments, by introducing a mild element of heat, gives these sauces a bolder edge while providing more opportunity for consumer experimentation.

Let’s collaborate on your next sauce, dressing or condiment with a touch of authenticity. Contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.