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Chasing Authentic Mexican Taco Flavor

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Chasing Authentic Mexican Taco Flavor

August 2018 | LUZ, SCIENTIST II

Today’s consumers have created a demand for authentic-tasting foods, and it should come as no surprise that for one of their favorite dishes, all you need to do is look south. The proliferation of casual Mexican restaurants and food trucks around America have created elevated expectations of the products consumers buy off store shelves - and as a developer from Mexico, I am uniquely qualified to bring the flavors of my homeland to our consumers’ product development benches.

When seeking “authentic” Mexican flavors, there’s no single answer. When you consider population, Mexico is the 10th largest country in the world; and just as America has countless regional variations of its most popular foods (like the Great Pizza Debate), Mexico has unique regional variations of tacos that can be found within Mexico’s taco culture. It might very well be impossible to list every local spin on what is arguably my country’s most famous dish, but here’s a small sampling to get to know as you begin your exploration of authentic Mexican flavor:






Again, this is but a small sampling of the many wonderful flavors of the regions of Mexico. To learn more and discuss how we can help you bring authentic Mexican flavor to your products, talk to your McCormick Flavor Solutions account manager or contact us today.