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Flavor Forward Nutrition

August 2020 | Theresa, Content Manager

Brands are branching out and exploring new flavor territories within nutrition products that deliver on novel taste experiences, from veggie-centric beets and carrots and tart fruit-based boosters, to ooey-gooey and chocolaty desserts.

Why This Trend Will Stick


Although the egg has a newfound health halo, it still rocks the cool factor. For doubters, search #YolkPorn and see how many posts revolve around the majesty of breaking into a runny egg atop avocado toast, or the ribbon of yolk when a toasted breakfast sandwich gives way to a bright yellow river of goodness. - GET FLAVOR


For ultra-marathon runner Dennis Dollins, beets are his secret weapon. He now eats beets in the days leading up to long runs and races. “I’ve been doing it for two years like clockwork,” he says. “I have no intention of stopping it.” He’s able to run more miles without feeling the strain of fatigue, he says. - Medium


Google searches for chia seeds have jumped more than 800% in the past decade, according to data from Sous Vide Tools cited by Ingredients Network.

Here are ingredients and flavors we’re seeing:

  • Eggs
  • Beets
  • Dessert flavors & textures
  • Fruit-based boosters



  • Nutrition doesn’t have to come from exotic ingredients. Take a second look at familiar vegetables, fruits and other items that offer health and flavor.
  • Better-for-you doesn’t need to be bland. Take a que from desserts and decadent sweets for flavor innovation.


To add flavor to your nutritious innovation, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.