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Condiments & Sauces: New Ways into Classics

September 2020 | Theresa, Content Manager

Classic condiments get modern-day upgrades thanks to new ingredients, hybrid combinations and brands investing in proprietary signature sauces leaning heavily into smoky, spicy and tangy flavor varieties.



Why This Trend Will Stick


Condiments and sauces have historically acted as wingmen, prompters, understudies or rescuers of a food item. But with global flavor and health trends driving modern culinary creation, these former afterthoughts are more about building up, and even sharing the stage with, the objects of their intention. - Prepared Foods


“I study trends for Allrecipes, so I get to see what millions of home cooks are really into cooking at any given time. What I find interesting about trends is they’re always changing, and this week is no different. Our data points to a nationwide aioli obsession.” -Cally Rhine, AllRecipes


Ethnic flavors are high on the pecking order in terms of consumer preferences, especially for dipping sauces. Flavors like sweet chili, sriracha, duck sauce and wasabi were all mentioned as popular choices. -Deep Dive


Here are the micro-trends we see in this trend:

  • More Than Just Mustard
  • Signature Sauces
  • Hybrid Condiments
  • Revisiting Aioli


  • Upgrade the staples of mustard, mayo, ketchup and more with global twists or unique blends.
  • Consider condiment profiles for a variety of savory applications, from snack seasonings to protein marinades.


To add a twist to classic condiments, contact your McCormick account manager or contact us today.