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Sweet on Salted Caramel

September 2021 | Katie, Principal Scientist

As a flavorist one of my favorite job responsibilities is exploring new and exciting food trends – like discovering the latest craze in cocktails or immersing myself into new food experiences. This results in some major inspiration that I gladly put to work into future flavor development.

Take salted caramel for example. After noting the trend of enhancing traditionally sweet foods with salty or savory notes, I developed my own take on a salted caramel flavor. It takes that buttery, sweet, nostalgic flavor of a candy caramel and totally elevates it with the addition of (very on trend) salty flavor. But instead of adding actual salt to the recipe, I utilized McCormick’s salt enhancer technology.

The result is a gorgeously sweet, smooth caramel flavor with that mouth-watering, salty finish to keep you coming back for more. Apply this dry flavor to deliver a sweet and salty twist to everything from baked goods (think salted caramel donuts), sweet crackers, nutrition bars, cold and hot cereal or one of my favorites … baked into pretzels! 

Feeling inspired? To deliver a memorable sweet and salty caramel flavor to your applications, get in touch with McCormick today.