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Food Story: Indian Date Night


As a new foundational pillar of the Flavor Forecast, Food Stories recognizes both a flavor and the story behind it. Inspired by the restaurant concept created by Monica Saxena, we’re pleased to share the story of Indian Date Night. After spending decades in the tech and finance industry, Monica created the concept of aRoqa, a bold restaurant reshaping the boundaries of Indian cuisine in NYC. ARoqa celebrates regional Indian flavors through small plates in a romantic and contemporary setting. The restaurant was recognized by the Michelin Guide for three consecutive years for its inventive dishes and was recently nominated as one of 50 most resilient restaurants in NYC.


Learn more: Q&A with Monica 



The Taste:

Transforming traditional Indian dishes and drinks with approachable, yet elevated and authentic flavor. Layer flavors (think sour, heat, warming, and cooling effects) and customize heat levels to break any barriers. Here are a few of our favorites:




Marigold & Smoke Cocktail

A whiskey-based cocktail with apricot liqueur, grapefruit bitters and Indian inspired flavors:  lemon-turmeric cordial and ginger juice.


Bhel Poha

“Namkeen” means savory snack in Hindi. Bhel Poha is a classic Indian street food namkeen snack that is loaded with a blend of salty, spicy, sour, and sweet flavors from turmeric, pomegranate seeds, tamarind chutney, and citric acid.




Sambar is a Southern Indian seasoning made with chilies, coriander, cumin, and more. It is the essential seasoning used for the lentil-based dish with the same name. Try the seasoning with  a a range of applications, or experience the lentil as a small plate.


Check out all the recipes:

Apply it:

Celebrate both authentic and transformational Indian profiles in an array of applications.

  • Tamarind and ginger seasoned Bhel Poha (rice puff) snack mix
  • Sambhaar seasoned lentil chips
  • Turmeric, ginger & golden raisin granola
  • Golden Turmeric Plant-Based milk

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